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Photographing Whiskey Kitchen

I recently had the pleasure of photographing the "Whiskey Kitchen," located in downtown Raleigh, NC.

This is quickly becoming one of the cities "hot spots!" It offers fabulous food to accompany its numerous offerings of whiskey, cocktails, and other drinks.

On the food side, Whiskey Kitchen is a "chef's bar-room" with a great selection of small plates, sides, and desserts, each one unique and delectable.

From seafood to salads, each dish was impressive and well-presented and the desserts were extraordinary.

The cocktails and liquor managed to turn heads, especially their signature smoked whiskey, pictured below.

I felt privileged to photograph the food of Chef Jonathon Botta and the beverages of Bartender, John Berry Jr.

Visit the Whiskey Kitchen online or give them a call at 919.803.3181. However, I would highly suggest stopping in for a visit.