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Showcasing Chef Justin N. Gaines

Everyone who knows me knows that one of my passions is food photography so I was really excited when recently I received a call from The Food Network’s production company to do a photo shoot for them.

I had the privilege of photographing Chef Justin Gaines and his exquisite food for the Food Network’s hit show “Beat Bobby Flay.”

Chef Gaines is the Chef Partner & Culinary Director at Lou Reda’s An American Table in Rocky Mount, NC, where I took photos of the chef and his fantastic food. He has 19 years of professional restaurant experience, and it certainly shows.

In “Beat Bobby Flay,” Bobby Flay challenges top-notch chefs to “beat him at his own game”.

The Food Network hired me to take the background photographs of food that Chef Gaines prepared which scrolled across the television screen while they aired Chef Gaines biography.

Chef Gaines episode was titled “Country Boys in the Big City,” where he cooked alongside Chef Mike Johnson, widely known for his barbecuing skills, in an attempt to out cook Bobby Flay.

This wasn’t Chef Gaines’ first run-out on TV. In 2010 Chef Gaines appeared on another Food Network show “Chopped”. On this Occasion, Chef Gaines came out on top, chopping away the other competition.

At the “Bobby Flay” shoot, I was really impressed with Chef Gaines presentation and had a blast getting to know him and witnessing his culinary capabilities.

From jerk chicken, to pork belly, to risotto, each meal was handcrafted with passion, knowledge, and experience.

Chef Gaines is widely known for his ability to make delectable Caribbean comfort food.

Make sure to check out Chef Gaines episode of “Beat Bobby Flay” which can be seen on the Food Network Youtube channel.

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