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5 Reasons Photography Should Be an Essential Part of Your Construction Project

In any architectural undertaking, you’re going to have to put a great deal of time, effort, and money into the planning and construction process from start to finish. Between all the responsibilities you’ll be saddled with to ensure the project advances smoothly and promptly, hiring a photographer to capture the action is probably the last thing on your mind—but it should be at the top of your list!

The importance of taking consistent photos on the construction site cannot be overlooked. Let’s dig deeper into the essential role construction photography plays in bringing your project to life!

Construction Photography 1.jpg

1) Provide stakeholders with project updates.

The continued success of a construction project and a positive ongoing relationship with your client is largely dependent upon assuring the owners and investors that everything is moving forward as planned. Construction photos are a professional and progressive way to keep these important collaborators informed about your progress.

If a partner needs to make any decisions about the project, photos are an excellent way to help them do so if they’re too busy or unable to make it to the site. A set of professional photographs will be far more detailed and valuable to them than any written updates could ever be.

2) Increase site productivity.

The ease and speed with which pictures can be shared will greatly improve efficiency and facilitate communication between employees on and off location.

Eliminate the time and paper it takes to produce copious spreadsheets and other redundant documentation regarding where the project is at and what needs to be done. Construction photos are also an effective way to identify problems a glancing eye may not catch and address them quickly.

3) Create a visual timeline.

Help your team stay on track and get a more accurate idea of where you’re at in the construction process by using photos to put together a visual timeline. Pictures make it easier to determine whether you’re progressing on schedule and if plans need to be adjusted.

Does the project deadline need to be moved? Do you need to hire more workers or procure more resources? Use construction photos to make these decisions more precisely.

4) Protect yourself from liability.

If you find yourself being hit with damage claims after the completion of a project, it often ends up becoming a futile case of someone else’s word against yours.

With photos from every phase of construction you’ll have proof of the site condition before, during, and after work to get to the bottom of things and support your defense. Photo evidence will protect you against damage claims and lengthy (potentially costly) disputes.

5) Obtain high quality marketing resources.

Construction photos are the perfect way to display your work to future clients and demonstrate what you’re capable of. Detailed, quality visual examples of your work will allow your abilities and experience to speak for themselves.

Use these professional-grade photos as promotional materials for your website, in your portfolio, in brochures or posters, and to share on social media. You can also look at them as an opportunity to evaluate and appreciate your own work, noting where your strengths are and where you can improve.

Just as you want to use only the best tools and hire the best workers for your construction enterprise, your construction photography should be first-rate as well! A professional photographer will know how to best capture the essence of your project in a way that emphasizes its beauty, while still documenting the most important details during each phase of construction.

At Neil Boyd Photography, we have the skill, experience, and technology you need to get quality images without disrupting productivity at the work site. Contact us today for more information and to book our superior construction photography services!

Importance of Updating Your Company Headshots

How long has it been since you've updated the headshots your company uses for your website and marketing materials? If it’s been a while, you should strongly consider updating them now, and then regularly moving forward. Even if your corporate headshots looked great and represented your Raleigh-based company well when they were first taken, updating them now could prove to be very beneficial.

Here are some of the reasons why updating your company headshots is incredibly important.

Prevents your company from looking outdated

If the corporate headshots that appear on your website and marketing materials are from a few years ago, everyone may look a lot different. For example, you or your employees may be sporting outdated hairstyles and clothing in these old company headshots. You might not think this makes much difference, but in reality, it could make your website, marketing materials, and overall company look outdated. Freshening up your corporate headshots in North Carolina will bring your company back up to speed.

Reflects new roles your employees may have taken on 

The last time you invested in headshots in Raleigh, many of your employees were probably in different positions than the ones they're in today. There may very well be a handful of them that have risen through the ranks and assumed more prominent roles within your company. Do their old headshots reflect the fact that they're playing a more significant part in your company's success? Chances are, they're not. By updating your headshots, you can have these employees strike different poses that will convey different sentiments than the ones exhibited in their old headshots.

Allows a photographer to utilize the latest lighting and photography techniques

Much like other forms of technology out there, photography equipment is getting better and more advanced each year. Photographers are also learning new techniques that allow them to use the latest equipment to their advantage. That means that you can now get headshots in Raleigh that look crisper and sharper than ever before. You'll undoubtedly be able to tell the difference between headshots taken a few years ago and headshots taken in 2019.

Allows a professional headshot photographer to keep up with the latest trends

Headshot style and trends have changed considerably over the years. Gone are the days of using "old Master" backgrounds that make corporate headshots look like dated school photographs. The latest styles include modern solid backgrounds, and you'll find that even orientation is changing. Acting and Model headshots are now being shot horizontally more and more, and a lot of corporate headshots are following that trend.

Gives your company the most professional appearance possible

When all is said and done, your goal with corporate headshots should be to provide your company with the most professional look and feel. If you're relying on old headshots to get the job done, it just won't be possible. The only way to truly revitalize your website and marketing materials is by having new headshots taken of your employees.

We would love to talk with you about your own corporate headshot needs and discuss a "look" that will reflect your company is 2019. So, if you would like to obtain new corporate and executive headshots in North Carolina, allow Neil Boyd Photography to provide you with the very best headshots in the business. Call us at 919-374-0141 today or email us at to schedule a photo shoot for your employees.

Real Estate Photography Raleigh NC

Our architectural photographer, Jeb, has been busy shooting real estate photography throughout the Raleigh and North Carolina area. We have photographed many real estate projects in the past. We also shoot commercial real estate photography throughout the area. With the addition of Jeb to our team we now also have the capability to do aerial photography. please contact us for our competitive prices.

Commercial Photo Shoot - Raleigh, NC

Now that the product has been released I can post some images from our recent photo shoot forDOXIE

Doxie is a really cool portable scanner that you can use to scan documents anywhere. The brief was for lifestyle photography in a setting similar to a coffee shop. It would have been difficult to do this shoot in a local Starbucks so my good friends from Trali Irish Pub stepped in and let me use some of their space. We hired 3 models to give us some different looks. The shoot lasted a few hours and our clients were pleased with the outcome. Here are a few images from the shoot that are being used in their ad campaign.

Food Photography Raleigh NC

Last week I was given the opportunity to do some photography for a new restaurant that is opening in Raleigh soon. Iyla’s Southern Kitchen will be located in downtown Raleigh’s Morgan Street Food Hall & Market at 411 West Morgan Street.  The restaurant will be homemade Southern cooking by Chef Greg Nelson.  Some of the wonderful menu items will be Shrimp & Grits, Fried Chicken & Waffle Sandwich, Smoked Cheddar Mac & Cheese with Pulled Pork, Collard Greens & BBQ Sauce Drizzle and Loaded Tots with Pimento Cheese. Here are some of the photos that were taken........