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Photographing O’Malley’s Pub and Restaurant

I recently had the mouth-watering pleasure of photographing the food and beverages at O’Malley’s Pub and Restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Since 1996, O’Malley’s Pub and Restaurant has been serving up ice cold beverages, signature sandwiches, hand-crafted Irish favorites, among much more.

A must have for all Irish restaurants is on-tap Guinness. The Guinness at O’Malley’s is served in a signature beer glass complete with a foam shamrock (Insert Guinness picture).

The Irish Dip sandwich was one signature Irish dish that is certainly a must-have with house-sliced roast beef and mozzarella cheese. It is served with a side of hot au jus. We had a lot of fun trying to catch the drip perfectly in this shot.

Irish Dip

Whether you prefer steak or salmon, O’Malley’s does both well, providing all different taste preferences with options. It is rare that I order steak in a pub because I would normally save it for a steakhouse; however, this ribeye tasted great and was cooked perfectly.


As well as signature Irish dishes, the restaurant also serves some other “crowd favorites” such as pizza and chicken wings. For this shot, we really wanted to capture the melted strings of mozzarella as the slice was lifted.


 “The 21” is a decadent dessert cake made with Jameson Irish Whiskey. I’m not usually a big whiskey drinker but this cake tasted fantastic!

The 21

On a side note, Neil Boyd Photography is pleased to announce that we have been voted “Best of Durham” by Durham Magazine for the second year running.