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Neil Boyd is a commercial photographer in Raleigh NC. His work includes food photography, corporate head shots, product photography, architecture photography, event photography, advertising photography and lifestyle photography in Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill NC.


Food and Restaurant Photography Raleigh

We were really pleased to be asked to shoot at one of Raleigh's most established and acclaimed restaurant's recently. Following a meeting with owner, Kim Reynold's and Executive Chef, Daniel Schurr the plan was laid for an exciting photo shoot at Second Empire in Raleigh, NC.

The shoot was to be in two parts, the first focusing on the fantastic food that the restaurant provides to its clientele and the second was to focus on the activity in the kitchen that creates those spectacular dishes.

We set up our lights in one of the private dining areas and during a full service evening Chef Daniel and his team brought the dishes to be photographed.

When we do food shoots we usually plan it around a "down time" for the restaurant or on a day or time the restaurant isn't open, but Chef Daniel was insistent that this shoot would take place when the restaurant was busy. He really wanted the food that was prepared and the activities in the kitchen to be "authentic" and not something just created for a photo shoot.

We had a great time at the restaurant and Chef Daniel and his team were great to work with.

Below are some examples of the food we shot, next week I'll post some images of the behind the scenes activities that went into their creation.

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