Product Photography Services in Raleigh NC | Neil Boyd Photography

No matter what products you need photographed, chances are Neil Boyd has worked with similar products before. High-end luxury items like jewelry and watches, musical instruments, electronics including LG products, beauty supplies, clothes and fashion, perfumes and cologne, sports equipment, alcohol, and even medical equipment are all in Neil’s wheelhouse.

Neil is an experienced photographer who studied the art of photography for three years in London, before being recognized as a member of The Professional Photographers of America association. He works with businesses to create photos of their products that can be used in promotional material, on websites, or on social media.

He previously worked as a Marketing Manager for GSK and as an Account Director for a number of advertising agencies in London. His experience gives him a unique insight into what customers are looking for in an ad that will ultimately make them want to go out and buy a certain product.

All of this expertise will be utilized in shooting for your particular product. Let Neil know what kind of photograph you’re looking for, what kind of ad you want the photo to appear in, and collaborate with him on the most effective and artistic way of capturing the essence of your product in a way that will entice your customer.

Neil guarantees that you’ll be happy with the end-result photos.

Projects can be undertaken at Neil’s custom-built studio in North Raleigh, or shot on location. For more information on pricing, please contact Neil Boyd Photography.